Taurus Model 709 Slim Semi-Auto Pistol

The PT 709 Slim is a semi automatic pistol that is well constructed. The 709 is also known as Slim. This pistol is designed for concealed carry and it is single stack 9mm pistol. It was designed with a well balanced features which makes the PT 709 very reliable and popular.

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Taurus PT 709 Slim facts

Taurus summary

Type: semi-automatic

Caliber: 9 mm

Weight: 538 g

Length: 6.24 in

Barrel length: 3.2 in


Taurus Model 709 Slim Semi-Auto Pistol, This gun is chambered with 9mm ammunition and offers quite an accurate firing. The maximum magazine capacity of this model is 7 rounds. What seems to be the best amount for this model as the designers judged each option? The barrel length of this gun is 3.2 inches and the overall length is 6.24 inches.

The weight of the gun is 538 g. It is a short recoil-operated, striker-fired pistol. When considering the suitability of this model for concealed carry it is highly subjective and difficult to generalize. However, this model can meet the demands of those who are fans of concealed carry as well as those who are able to carry openly. The cartridge, trigger guard, sights, and grips are really well-designed.


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