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Glock G20 G4 15+1 10mm 4.6




Glock G20 G4 15+1 10mm 4.6 For Sale




Glock G20 G4 15+1 10mm 4.6, The use of GLOCK’s high level polymer material essentially brings down apparent backlash. With a gag energy of 550 ft/lbs and a magazine limit of 15 adjusts, this 10mm is a reliable hunting accomplice. The Gen4 model likewise has a more extensive collection of hold aspects, considering much more precise grasp customization. The GLOCK 20 Gen4 in 10mm is unmatched in terms of firepower.

The GLOCK 20 Gen4 conveys imposing power downrange with high precision over significant distance. The utilization of GLOCK hello tech polymer extensively decreases felt pull back even in this weighty type. For the hunting local area this 10 mm Auto is a dependable buddy giving a protected and precise completing shot, in any event, while hunting major game. The Modular back lash framework makes it conceivable to immediately modify its grasp to oblige any hand size. The reversible magazine get makes it ideal for left and right-gave shooters.


  • Weight: 30.71 oz.
  • # of Mags: 3
  • Overall Length: 8.03″
  • Gun Case: Plastic



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