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Desert Eagle Pistol, Tungsten Online. Desert Eagle® Mark XIX Pistol, Tungsten Cerakote Finish, Dark Graphite Grey Color, Black Appointments
6″; barrel, 7 round

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Desert Eagle Pistol, Tungsten was manufactured as a result of the invention of another new version of the iconic Desert Eagle developed through the USA-based Magnum Research. The outcome of this research led to the incorporation of new Cerakote Tungsten into the Desert Eagle products. In fact, the Desert Eagle 50 Cal incorporated Cerakote that is known to have a coating. It is a multi-step is a multi-step measure that brings about a high-temperature coating that holds up properly even under ideal use. Additionally, the Tungsten model is supplemented with attractive black arrangements which give the pistol significant attraction.


Product Specification


The Desert Eagle Pistol, Tungsten design features a Caliber of .50AE, in which the weapon type is semi-automatic Pistol. It was manufactured by Magnum Research. It has an operating framework that is gas-operated with a rotating Bolt.
Additionally, its operation is 7-round capacity in .50AE and an 8-round capacity in .44 Magnum. . It has a trigger reach of 2.75″; and a sight radius of 8.5″; with the 6″; barrel. The Desert Eagle 50 Cal firearm has its length dimension to be 10.75 inches while its barrel is 6 inches; its Width to be 1.25 inches; its height to be 6.25 inches; while and its weight with an empty magazine is roughly 72 ounces.


Product Construction

The Desert Eagle pistol, Tungsten construction uses modern CNC machine technology. This enables exact specifications with limited tolerances to produce a work of art in an accurate gun. The grip is anatomically formed and provides a suitable hand seating angle for two-handed shooting. In fact, this setting is designed for comfortable, rapid, and accurate firing. The Weaver style accessory rail easily allows for aftermarket optics as well as degree rings.
Fortunately, there is a rail on top of the barrel to work with the mounting of optics. While a scope or some type thereof may assist the shooter with understanding the Desert Eagle’s magnificent accuracy potential it will add bulks, make it harder to serenely convey, and demolish the scandalous lines of the firearm.
The Desert Eagle 50 Cal manual cautions shooters that they need a strong grasp for the firearm to work appropriately.

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>> Desert Eagle Technical Data

Model DE50TU DE44TU
Type Gas-operated, rotating bolt semiautomatic Gas-operated, rotating bolt semiautomatic
Caliber .50 A.E. .44 MAGNUM
Barrel Length 6″; / 152 mm 6″; / 152 mm
Overall Length 10.75″; / 27.3 cm 10.75″; / 27.3 cm
Bore Diameter .495″; / 12.6 mm .429″; / 10.9 mm
Height 6.25″; / 15.9 cm 6.25″; / 15.9 cm
Slide Width 1.25″; / 32 mm 1.25″; / 32 mm
Construction High quality carbon steel barrel, frame and slide w/ full Weaver style accessory rail High quality carbon steel barrel, frame and slide w/ full Weaver style accessory rail
Finish Tungsten Cerakote Finish, Dark Graphite Grey Color Tungsten Cerakote Finish, Dark Graphite Grey Color
Trigger Single action, approx. 4 lb. pull Single action, approx. 4 lb. pull
Trigger Reach 2.75″; / 70 mm 2.75″; / 70 mm
Sight Radius 8.5″; / 215 mm 8.5″; / 215 mm
Sights Combat type, fixed Combat type, fixed
Polygonal Rifling w / Right Hand Twist, 6 lands & grooves 1 turn in 19″; / 483 mm 1 turn in 18″; / 457 mm
Weight (Empty Magazine) 4 lbs. 5.8 oz. 4 lbs. 6.6 oz.
Magazine Capacity 7 rounds 8 rounds
* Specifications subject to change without notice


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