Buy A300 Outlander Online




Buy A300 Outlander Online


A300 Outlander: Unmatched Versatility and Value

Buy A300 Outlander Online, the A300 Outlander is the most recent advancement of Beretta’s 300-series gas-worked self-loader shotguns, which have offered in large numbers to trackers and athletes all over the planet.

What’s more, there’s a justification behind their notoriety: superb execution as well as extraordinary worth out of the container. With its 3″ chamber, Steelium barrel and self-cleaning cylinder, the A300 is there to take care of business with Beretta-style quality and dependability whether it is upland hunting, waterfowling or at the wearing dirts range.

Versatile to Your Size and Shooting Style

Something you’ll appreciate about the A300 Outlander is the way that you can without much of a stretch adjust it to your estimations and shooting style.

This shotgun gives you the likelihood to modify the drop and cast of the stock through spacers that you can embed between the activity and the single handed grip. Likewise, the security is reversible, making it a snap to adjust the A300 for a left-given shooter.

Strong, Tough however Light

The A300 is made of the restrictive steel mixes that have put Beretta shotguns on the map for their solidness. The Steelium Mobilchoke barrel is intended to disregard the beating of weighty hunting loads, giving you a dependable instrument that will function as hard as you really want it to.

In any case, despite its durability, the A300 is light, feels enthusiastic in the hands and effectively follows your eyes to the objective, because of the position of safety activity. Furthermore, its immaculate equilibrium cause it to feel significantly lighter than its 7.25 lbs, implying that this appealingly estimated shotgun will give you premium shootability regardless of its top notch esteem.

Simple to Maintain

This shotgun is the ideal epitome of Beretta’s way of thinking about support: simple, speedy and device free. The A300 Outlalander separates into four significant parts, simplifying it to dismantle and clean much under not so great field conditions.

Likewise, oneself cleaning gas cylinder makes this shotgun fire a lot of cleaner than different activities, giving you greater strength as well as less work keeping it in wonderful shape even in the wake of a difficult day’s hunting or mud shooting. By and large, the A300 Outlander is the present best worth in a self-loader shotgun, and a commendable successor to Beretta’s unbelievable 300 line.


BARREL LENGTH (CM) 61/66/71/76
BARREL LENGTH (IN) 24/26/28/30
RIB 6×6


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